Less Plastic, More Fantastic

Transitioning away from single-use elements to improve the impact of   
 arts on the environment 

The Hard Truth


The amount of plastic water bottles purchased every minute of every day

By 2050

According to statistics from the United Nations, if current levels of pollution continue, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean

52,500 tons

Estimated waste produced at festivals each year in the United Kingdom alone


The Earth Muse Collective is an initiative to promote simple, attainable practices to minimize the amount of waste created during artistic and performance events.


The arts industry is responsible for hundreds of thousands of tons of waste annually, most of which ends up in landfills and the ocean. 


By taking a series of small steps individually, the arts community can have a huge impact globally in reducing our impact on the environment and help create a new paradigm towards a responsible model of consumption.

Waste of plastics bottles

First Step: Water Bottles

The Earth Muse´s initial effort is the creation of a international network of artists and arts promoters to join in a effort of eliminating single-use water bottles at their events.  This will be achieved by adding the following phrases to production and catering riders: (this is suggested verbiage that should be adjusted to fit each particular scenario)

Artist Rider

As part of the Earth Muse Collective that is trying to improve the impact of the arts on the environment, the artists request that no disposable plastic bottles be used as part of their performance, either on stage or back stage.  The band will provide their own reusable bottles and simply request a clean, refillable source of drinking water be available. (If no local clean source is available, please provide large 5L minimum bottles to refill from) 
Phrase provided by Avokado Artists

Event Host Rider

Version 1:
As part of the Earth Muse Collective that is trying to improve the impact of the arts on the environment, artists will have access to filtered drinking water in their dressing room, bottles of water will not be provided so please bring a reusable (and closable) water vessel for stage.
Phrase provided by Shanta Thake - The Public Theater
Version 2:
As part of the Earth Muse Collective that is trying to improve the impact of the arts on the environment, artists will be given a free reusable water bottle to use during the duration of their stay and performance.  Artists will have access to filtered drinking water they can fill their bottles with for both backstage and on stage use.


Earth Muse Collective came to be because we believe for this to work we all need to be in this together.  Each part doing what they can to expand the message that a positive change of the impact of Arts on the environment is on its way.
If you would like to join the collective in taking this first step of transitioning away from single use water bottles please use the suggested phrases above in your riders as you see fit.  And if you are already actively engaged in greening your events, please join us and be an example that this a viable way forward.
If you would like to appear on this website and be promoted via our social media feeds as part of this initiative, please be in touch following the contact links below and we will add you to the list which will be updated with each new participant.  If you are an artist we will be asking for a high-res picture and links to your virtual media outlets.
Please help this movement grow and share this with your community to help take the first step towards normalizing environmental ethics in Arts presenting worldwide.

Current Interested Participants


  • Ani Cordero
  • Uji
  • El Buho
  • Femina
  • Minuk
  • Kiran Ahluwalia
  • Jade Leyva-Frouge
  • Tcheka
  • Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR
  • LoCura
  • Baba Zulu
  • Cuneyt Septeci
  • Deniz Tekin
  • Melike Sahin
  • Islandman
  • Ahmtejah
  • Ramy Essam
  • Eliza Gilkyson
  • HuDost
  • Ion Din Anina
  • Javiro Gosa
  • Darius Darek Roncoszek
  • Quixosis
  • Kosta Kostov 
  • The Garifuna Collective

Collaborating Artists

Ani Cordero

Puerto Rico / USA

El Búho

England / Latin America


Sweden / Colombia

Kiran Ahluwalia


Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR


Jade Leyva-Frouge

Mexico / USA


Cabo Verde

Ion Din Anina


Javiro Gosa


Darius Darek Roncoszek




Baba Zula


Cuneyt Sepetçi


Deniz Tekin


Melike şahin






Ramy Essam


Eliza Gilkyson



USA / Canada

Kosta Kostov




The Garifuna Collective


Lemon Bucket Orkestra


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